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Credits for the photographs and illustrations currently posted at disenthralled:



                          (By me.  Abandoned Dairy in Moreno Valley, CA.)



ABOUT:  Photo of Paul Dutra, taken by Pamela Smith.

SUBMISSIONS:   Photo by me, nine-dollar underwater camera.

CONTACT:  Panel from my comic book story, “Saviour,” ink-washed by Carson Grubaugh

ABOUT ME:  Panel from comic I consulted on and edited, by Carson Grubaugh

CURRENT: Photo by Paul Dutra.

WHO WE ARE: Photo by me, nine-dollar camera.

ISSUES:   Photo by me.  Z-House at Eastern Point Beach.  Groton, CT

BLOG ICON:  Detail from the Current photo by Paul Dutra

In-house photography by Paul Dutra, unless otherwise specified.


All rights held by respective artists/photographers. Do not reproduce without express written permission.

Walter Conley
Louisa, VA

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