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(Photo by Walter Conley)


FLASHDRIVE is a series of publications I’m editing in the style of disenthralled‘s regular issues. It is more specific, however, presenting fiction and photography that have to do with cars/driving/being on the road.

I’ll provide links below to issues of FLASHDRIVE, to posts including background information, production notes, etc.

FLASHDRIVE is by invitation only for the present time.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy our first spin-off.

Walter Conley


(Sarah Bloom, Peggy McFarland, Robert Crisman, Laurita Miller, Carrie Clevenger, Quin Browne, Walter Conley)



(A disenthralled blog post with some information on house the project came to light)

(The announcement for Flashdrive #1 at my personal blog, BACK AGAIN AND GONE)


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