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(Photo by Paul Dutra)


In the summer of 2009, after a six year hiatus from writing, I found myself at the keyboard. A hometown friend by the name of Paul Dutra had posted a gallery of photographs–haunting black and white shots he’d taken while recovering from an injury. The moment I saw them, a plot formed in my head. I asked if he’d mind me using them as the framework for a story.

He said no.

The result was a short story entitled “Last Stop, Dullsville,” which was posted at A Twist of Noir. I was rusty, to be sure, but greatly inspired by Paul’s work. “Last Stop, Dullsville” was so much fun to write that I found myself at the keyboard again the next day. Just like that, I was back.

Since the story first went up at ATON, I’ve wanted to post it with the photographs. I finally did so this week at The booklet is called TICKET TO DULLSVILLE. It doesn’t contain the entire gallery. A few shots are missing, but enough are included to show why they had such an impact on me.

TICKET TO DULLSVILLE is tagged as an Adult publication (18+). Although the violence and profanity are minimal, the story is definitely not intended for children. You have to be a member of issuu to view it. Joining is free and easy, however, and they have a spectacular array of material to read.

The link below will take you to it.




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