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(Photo by Steve Pacuk)

Please note that disenthralled can now be found at

ISSUE #6 is online. Flash and poetry by Bruce Brown, Petra Whiteley, Janeen Chabot, offbeatjim, Robert Crisman, Quin Browne, Michael J. Solender, Mary Mills, Paul D. Brazill. Photography by Jenny May Peterson, Paul Dutra, Sarah R. Bloom, Steve Pacuk, Meredith Kleiber and Gwyn Michael.

Special thanks once again to Paul Dutra for technical assistance.

And thanks to Quin Browne for stepping in and stepping up.

* * *

Submissions are CLOSED at the present time, while we finish the current projects and reorganize for spring. Next are the MARY MILLS and THEATER specials.

* * *

I can be reached at or If you’ve never contacted me, please let me know what it’s about in the subject or it will be deleted unread.

Walter Conley
Louisa VA



  1. wow!! I think this is really co o

  2. Hi Walter, could you post a link to my blog, please? You Would Say That Wouldn’t You? is here:


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