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Night at the Western


Quick update and links you should check out:

Update for March 5, 2010

Things have been quiet lately, as I catch up on my own writing and discuss the future of disenthralled with friends much smarter than I am. Three Specials are currently being assembled: Theater, Noir and Mary Mills. None is far from completion. I’ve loosened up the schedule to allow for new ideas, additional material to be gathered at the behest of the other editors; but you can expect one of those issues around March 15. And regular issues/submission opportunities will resume after the Specials have been finished.

Recommended links

One of my favorite short story writers, Ray Nayler, has a webcomic up at Zuda Comics entitled NIGHT AT THE WESTERN. Cesar Sebastian handled the artwork. We need more noir webcomics online. Head over, read it, vote. The winning comic will become a regular series.


* * *

My friend Nicole Hirschi has a blog called CJT’S WORD VAMP. Lately she’s been posting flash fiction by writers familiar to readers of disenthralled, such as Salvatore Buttaci, Michael J. Solender, Richard Godwin. Here’s a link to the current story by Jeffrey S. Callico, whose poetry appeared in Issue #2:


* * *

Screenwriter/reader Xandy Sussan has a blog called COVER MY SCRIPT where she doles out great advice not only on the film industry, but on writing itself. No nonsense. Gained through experience. Always straight-forward, entertaining and right on the money:


And be sure to check out the links to Contributors and other sites of interest at the bottom of the page.

If you need to reach me, Let me know what it’s about in the subject line or the message will be deleted unread. In realer-time, there’s a chance you might find me at twitter, user name pitchbrite.




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