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Monthly Archives: January 2010


Listen to me. Carefully.

Are you listening?


Don’t move.

Don’t say a word.

Before this gets out of hand, there’s something I should tell you….


(offbeatjim, Roberta Lawson, Jodi MacArthur, Richard Godwin, Mary Mills, Len Kuntz, Maria Gornell, Lynn Alexander, Lena Vanelslander/Photography by Bailey Elizabeth, Sarah Bloom, Brooke Shaden, Paul Dutra and Kimberley Joanne Sinclair)

(Michael J. Solender, Mark Joseph Kiewlak, Nora Ibsen, offbeatjim, Brittany Wallace, Robert Crisman, Michael D. Brown, AJ Dresser, Mary Mills, Richard Godwin/Photography by Kristin Fouquet)

* * *

(Fiction by Miss Alister/Photography by Sarah R. Bloom/Produced by Walter Conley.)

* * *

(Quin Browne, offbeatjim, Roberta Lawson, Allie Dresser, Janelle Rene/Photography by Paul Dutra/Produced by Walter Conley)

(Fiction by Kristen Michelle Håvet/Photography by Paul Dutra/Produced by Walter Conley and Paul Dutra)

(Bruce Brown, Amy Kelly, Quin Browne, Jeffrey S. Callico, Len Kuntz, Allie Dresser, Jodi MacArthur/Photography by Paul Dutra/Produced by Walter Conley and Paul Dutra)

(Poetry by Kristen Michelle Håvet, Salvatore Buttaci, Lynn Alexander, Howie Good, Carla Criscuolo, Robert Crisman/Photography by Anna Szczekutowicz/Produced by Walter Conley and Paul Dutra)

(Alisa Rynay Haller, Robert Crisman, Lynn Kinsey, Miss Alister, Howie Good, Paul D. Brazill, Tom Leins, CK Black, Richard Godwin, Lena Vanelslander/Photography by Katie Stokes, XactoInTheBox, WonderfulUgly/Produced by Walter Conley and Paul Dutra)


(Photograph copyright©2009 by Walter Conley)